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Starbabies Business Park is opening its doors for business in 2018. India is progressing rapidly into the ‘digital age and we have made our stand for the enterprising citizen and any foreign nationals wishing to invest their hard earned currency in our flourishing market. We are based in the green-lands of the Punjab, from where the world has seen many faiths and beliefs spread, which houses the largest ‘democracy’ in the world and has the largest school in the world, cited in the Guinness Book of Records. We may not be able to run a mile under 9secs, we may not be able set foot on the moon second or third, we may not be able drive on the right sides of the roads, we may have a little poverty here and there, lack infrastructure and love movies…but, we wish to put a tiny ‘product label’ in your life, your business, your office….’Made in India’ ! Take a look at what we offer…when you take a stroll into our business park !


  • A Preschool Franchise – you can earn 20Lakhs without taxes, make a lasting foundation in our children’s academic future, using a quality based international curriculum & syllabus and raise ‘little star-babies’ as our country’s future assets.
  • Employment Service – you can earn 10Lakhs without taxes, have an enterprising concept to deal with the disease of ‘unemployment, poverty, caste, prejudice, discrimination and corruption’. They say a man’s best friend is his dog…well likewise, a business man’s / business woman’s best friend is their employee. Give your employee a little ‘self respect’, give them a salary to at least cover their needs of ‘food, clothing and a place to sleep’…meaning ‘roti, kapra aur ek jompri bhi chal jaige ji’, sprinkle a little emotional ’empathy and tolerance’, then see how your employee makes your company ‘gold’ …!!
  • Web Development – nearly everyone has access to the Internet through mobiles, smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC’s, and we have the tools to make your presence on the Internet a reality. The street market will go online in the new Digital India and we are ready to make your business a force to deal with on the Net.
  • Shopping Mall – are you a shopkeeper who trades in home-made goods, handicrafts, art, crafts, antiques, paintings or wish to sell antiques you have lying around from the past? Then become a member of our shopping mall, sell your products through your shop, in our mall, we just take a commission from each sale and deposit your money into your account within 5 days (allowing for weekends and holidays). Even, if you are uneducated and have no knowledge of the Internet, it doesn’t matter…we will setup shop, for an appropriate fee, trademark your business and complete all the formalities of running your business online, with payments direct to your bank or savings account. Contact us for more details regarding this option.



Head Office:

Starbabies Business Park
Kirat Niwas, NH-15, Goniana–Bajakhana Rd, Jeeda 151201,
Nr SportKing Factory, District Bathinda, Punjab.



Last Updated : February 2018