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New Business

New Business 2018 / 2020

We will be rapidly expanding “Starbabies Business Park” in the next months & years, to include the following business proposals:

  • Tours & Travels
  • Computer Warehouse
  • Auto Trader
  • Online School Management
  • Classified Ads
  • Law & Financial Services
  • Import & Export Agency
  • North Side Courier Service
  • Community Digital Services
  • Advertising Agency
  • Hackers Paradise

Ten new businesses to serve the needs of India’s citizens, without discrimination or injustice or prejudice. All ten new proposals are easily understood by anyone with a simple grasp of English, but the one that doesn’t fit the bill is “Hackers Paradise”. This is “Starbabies Business Park’s” special to the dark side of the World we live in. These misunderstood intelligent beings, are classified by some as notorious gangsters, blackmailers, ravenous and not fit to serve “human society”.

But, me don’t think so…!

I desire good business from my exploits, whilst they are compared to criminals, who wait in dark alleys, looking for someone weak and vulnerable to walk by, they are exploiters of people, heavily armed assassins, ninja’s, samurai, militants quick with the knife, gun and lethal in hand combat. Well it’s like this, you cant make a ‘blockbuster’ without hoodies, nor can anyone eliminate ‘crime’ in the world, we all share the same sun, moon, earth, day or night and fresh air!

I will in time setup a WordPress website called the “Hackers Paradise” where any hacker in the world can leave me a post, explaining in detail what if anything, we at “Starbabies Business Park” can give something back from our pockets to “help support” a cause near you (hey!…I’ve only just started out in this business, so don’t kill the baby before it’s born).

I will send the money to any nominated bank in your country, as long as the bank issue account details and send me a registered letter by post, detailing the “cause” and whatever funds, no matter how small or large we will send to that cause, that’s our choice. You can post the pictures on site, showing how that the money was used by the ‘hacker’ to do good for family, friend or citizen of the country. Our site is visited by many people from all corners of the World, and anyone with a ‘great giving heart’ can pledge whatever they want to the cause you left behind on “Hackers Paradise” !

The lion in the jungle lives with the sheep, goats and the deer, the lion never wipes his prey from the face of the Earth, he’s too smart, intelligent and clever for that. If he did indeed wipe all the goats, sheep and deer from the face of the planet….what’s left to eat, but himself? So, I extend the same hand to other business people in the World, ass you can make your own “Hackers Paradise” where you live, where your family and children are, preserve the “hacker” for progress or expansion can never happen in the “Virtual Internet” without the “hacker” !


My two cents…..!



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